Coach Registration 2019-20

All individuals leading or coaching club activity are required to register their details with the Athletic Union. This is to ensure that appropriate levels of experience and/or qualifications are maintained so that Athletic Union members may enjoy activities in safe and appropriate environment. Students who are undertaking coaching or leadership roles should also register their details on this form.


This information is being collected for insurance and payment purposes. All information collected will be held for 3-years from the start of the academic year.

Paid Coaches

This form is mandatory for all coaches expecting payment for their services. Please note prior to completing this form that no coaches are employed by the Athletic Union or any Clubs within the Athletic Union. All coaches seeking payment are considered self-employed and must provide their own public liability insurance. All coaches seeking payment for services must be qualified.

Volunteer Coaches

This form is mandatory for all unpaid, volunteer coaches to be comply with the Athletic Union insurance policies for Public Liability and Personal Accident. All volunteer coaches must be able to provide proof of qualification or relevant experience to Club activity.